Evian Christ takes to the road in search of someone who will actually tell him what he sounds like

Evian Christ takes to the road in search of someone who will actually tell him what he sounds like

Up-and-coming [fill in genre description later] producer Evian Christ is about to go on a big ol’ North American tour to, you know, find someone who can tell him what he sounds like exactly. “I feel adrift among a sea of adjectives,” Christ said, seemingly not troubled at all by the fact that his (cultural) appropriation of the name of our Lord and Savior gilds his each and every action with just a hint of blasphemy. You may recall that back in January, the fell newsman Nobodaddy roundly refused to describe Christ’s [genre description goes here] sound in the wake of the announcement of his Waterfall EP on Tri Angle, in light of and respect to the fact that many before him had noted that Christ’s music “eludes description.” And even Hydroyoga, in reviewing the EP, opted to fill in “Styles” with the names of cities — London and New York — instead of the possible appropriate genre designations such as [include two to three related-sounding genres here].

Reader, will you be the one to finally describe Christ’s own music to him in a way that he finds satisfying? Check the tour dates below to see if you’ll be available for his upcoming shows (including a June stint with Dutch E Germ a.k.a. Tim DeWit of Gang Gang Dance), and listen close to the embedded track below. There will be a quiz.


05.28.14 - Seattle, WA - Q *
05.29.14 - Vancouver, BC - Shine *
05.30.14 - Portland, OR - Rotture ^
05.31.14 - San Diego, CA - Bang Bang ^
06.18.14 - Philadelphia, PA - The Dolphin Tavern $
06.19.14 - Chicago, IL - Primary $
06.21.14 - Montreal, QC - Le Belmont $
06.25.14 - New York, NY - Output $
06.26.14 - Miami, FL - Bardot $
06.27.14 - Austin, TX - Vulcan Gas Company $

* Jacques Greene
^ Samo Sound Boy
$ Dutch E Germ

• Evian Christ: http://evianchrist.com
• Tri Angle: http://tri-anglerecords.com

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