Exploded View announces Summer Came Early EP for Sacred Bones, shares new video

Exploded View announces Summer Came Early EP for Sacred Bones, shares new video
Exploded View (slightly imploded view)

Globe-trotting psych-rocker Anika has announced a new release with her Mexico City-based outfit Exploded View. The band’s debut album (last year’s self-titled, full-length affair) was full of subterranean echoes, creepy dirges, and stuttering sonic sentiments whose form and content were rooted in the freestyle improvisations of bandmates Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Amon Melgarejo.

The subtly ominous, rough-around-the-edges vibe of those freewheeling 8-track sketches continues with the first song off of the upcoming Summer Came Early EP, conveniently titled “Summer Came Early.” Repetitive, reverb-drenched guitar, soft, pitch-bent synths, and a plodding rhythm section lull the listener into a comfortably hypnotic state, while Anika explores the peaks and valleys between Nico’s trippier moments and Broadcast’s Trish Keenan as she ruminates on the fate of placebo-ed-up populace in the midst of global catastrophe a-brewing.

In order to get a jump on next June, Summer Came Early will be released on November 10 and is up for preorder on 12-inch vinyl and digital mediums through the Sacred Bones label and the group’s Bandcamp page. The EP will also include new tracks, an outtake or two from Exploded View, and some pretty vibrantly sunny (yet strangely unsettling) artwork. Speaking of “sunny,” limited edition “Summer Orange” vinyl pressings are also available. And speaking of “unsettling,” check out that apocalyptic official video for “Summer Came Early” down below. Happy Halloween, everybody!

Summer Came Early EP tracklisting:

01. Summer Came Early
02. Forever Free
03. Mirror of the Madman
04. You Got a Problem Son

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