F ingers are too busy Awkwardly Blissing Out to release new album in August, push it back until September

F ingers are too busy Awkwardly Blissing Out to release new album in August, push it back until September
Pretty sure this isn't Photoshopped, you guys.

The Aussie synth-folk trio of Carla dal Forno, Samuel Karmel, and Tarquin Manek, known professionally as F ingers (that’s pronounced EFF-INJURES, right?), have pushed back the release date of their second LP by a couple of weeks. Which is just the perfect pretext for TMT to announce that the album’s being released in the first place! Awkwardly Blissing Out will be out September 8 on Blackest Ever Black and is heralded by a neat single that’s been streaming on the webs since early July. (I guess that makes our reporting of it now either “awkward as fuck” or “thorough as shit.”)

Recorded in Melbourne and Berlin between 2015 and 2017, the LP finds the trio “more dub-wise, immersive, and potently psychedelic.” Those are some good additions to spine-chilling, emotionless, and obfuscated, which is what F ingers’s previous output has basically gotten everyone used to. However, while 2015’s Hide Before Dinner concerned itself conceptually with the memories of suburban childhood summers, the upcoming sophomore release deals with the anxieties of the adults those children have become:

The ghouls in your neighbour’s garden are still there, but have come to represent something else. Something more mundane and empirically real but no less terrifying. Struggles with time, distance, isolation, communication, commitment. Your memories have a heaviness now.

Awkward as fuck, huh?

So anyway, that single we mentioned earlier, “All Rolled Up?” It offers a pretty wide glimpse into what those pesky garden ghouls might now sound like; it’s also the trio’s more rhythmic track to date, bordering on experimental techno. Pre-order the album now, listen to the track for yourself down below, and check out the album art and tracklisting down below that. (See? Thorough as shit!)

Awkwardly Blissing Out tracklisting:

01. My Body Next To Yours
02. All Rolled Up
03. Awkwardly Blissing Out
04. Time Passes
05. You’re Confused
06. Off Silently

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