Factory Records rarities and dance remixes reissued by Strut, re-danced to by dancers

Factory Records rarities and dance remixes reissued by Strut, re-danced to by dancers

Few record labels have been as lionized, as movie-ized, as straight up sanctified as Manchester’s Factory Records. The purveyors of some of England’s finest post-punk and acid house became synonymous with the so-called Madchester scene during the late 1980s/early 1990s, but wouldn’t ya know it? there’s more to ol’ Factory Records than the well-known Tony Wilson, Joy Division, Happy Mondays, New Order story. And what better way to relate that story than in a two-CD/LP (your choice) compilation? Come on. There is no better way IN THE ENTIRE WORLD than a classic two-CD/LP compilation. (Unless it’s 24 Hour Party People as interpreted by cats, but this seems unlikely.)

Fortunately, our friends at Strut Records have gone through the digging, the sifting, cat wrangling, and rights gathering, etc. to create FAC.DANCE, a collection of Factory’s lesser-known, more dance-oriented bands’ 12-inch mixes and rarities recorded in the years of our Lord 1980-1987. The people at Strut see your A Certain Ratio and they’ll raise you a Quando Quango. Yeah, they’ll give you The Durutti Column, but how about a Section 25 megamix? You want a megamix? They’ll GIVE YOU a megamix, complete with liner notes by Bill Brewster of djhistory.com. On October 11, specifically, that’s when they’ll give it to you. You know what else they’ll give you on October 11? A BRAIN EXPLOSION. Yeah, that’s right, your brain will literally explode. ‘Cuz if you think you knew Factory Records before… well, as they say, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

CD 1 tracklisting:

01. Section 25, “Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)”
02. A Certain Ratio, “Wild Party”
03. Quando Quango, “Love Tempo”
04. 52nd Street, “Express”
05. Swamp Children, “Little Voices”
06. Biting Tongues, “Boss Toyota Trouble”
07. The Durutti Column, “For Belgian Friends”
08. Royal Family & The Poor, “Art on 45”
09. A Certain Ratio, “Knife Slits Water (12-inch version)”
10. Section 25, “Dirty Disco”
11. Blurt, “Puppeteer”
12. X-O-Dus, “See Them-A-Come”

CD 2 tracklisting:

01. New Order, “Confusion (Original 12-inch mix)”
02. Shark Vegas, “Pretenders of Love”
03. 52nd Street, “Cool as Ice (Jellybean Mix)”
04. Streetlife, “Act on Instinct (Hot Swedish Mix)”
05. The Hood, “Salvation! (Nitromix)”
06. Abecedarians, “Smiling Monarchs”
07. Quando Quango, “Atom Rock (Mark Kamins Mix)”
08. Marcel King, “Reach for Love (New York Remix)”
09. 52nd Street, “Look into My Eyes”
10. Quando Quango, “Genius”
11. Swamp Children, “You’ve Got Me Beat”
12. The Durutti Column, “Madeleine”

Digital-only bonus tracks:

01. Minny Pops, “Time”
02. Kalima, “Black Water”
03. Royal Family & The Poor, “Motherland”

• Strut: http://www.strut-records.com
• Factory: http://www.factoryrecords.net

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