Fade to Mind starting collaborative release series called Mind to Mind; MikeQ and DJ Sliink first to touch brains

Fade to Mind starting collaborative release series called Mind to Mind; MikeQ and DJ Sliink first to touch brains

Mind to Mind: it’s not what you’re probably not thinking. It’s not the formal name for label-sponsored scientific research into the promotion of Xavier-like telepathy across the human race. Really, if that were the case, you’d have to wonder what the Kingdom-run Night Slugs offshoot Fade to Mind is really doing in that business, unless their ultimate goal is to increase the ease by which their associated producers collaborate. Need I remind you of the numerous credits adorning the theoretical liner notes of CUT 4 ME (TMT Review)? One wonders about the potential for even more synergy if Kelela and her associates were literally able to tap into one another’s senses.

But no! The reality is much easier to believe, in that Mind to Mind is a new release series dedicated to showcasing “unprecedented collaborations between producers, vocalists, artists and designers.” We’re not afforded much of a description beyond that, so moving on to the very first release in the series, which came out last week: it features New Jersey artists MikeQ and DJ Sliink. Both tracks on the release “have Jersey Club and Ballroom Elements, and come from deep within both scenes,” according to MikeQ, a contemporary deliverer of those “ballroom elements,” which were previously a big thing in New York during the 80s and early 90s. Meanwhile, DJ Sliink’s regular club appearances in New Jersey have apparently been memorable enough to warrant deification. Don’t ask me why the ancient Greeks never bothered to fill the role of the Club God.

Here’s a snippet from the first of two tracks off this first Mind to Mind release:

Mind to Mind: MikeQ & DJ Sliink tracklisting:

01. The Bitch ft. Miss Jay
02. Werk’d It

• MikeQ: https://www.facebook.com/TheOnlyMikeQ
• DJ Sliink: http://www.therealdjsliink.com
• Fade to Mind: http://fadetomind.net

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