Faith No More Announce U.S. Tour. FINALLY!

Faith No More, one of the many bands of Mike Patton and one of the few bands to justify the existence of “funk-metal,” have, at last, announced plans to bring their reunion tour to these United States of America. The band, recently reunited after an 11-year break, have been playing a bevy of dates around the world on the cleverly titled “Second Coming” tour.

Here's how it went down: American fans felt their hearts breaking after they heard of Faith No More's initial reunion (TMT News) and spent day after day waiting for some sort of sign that the band would be bringing the awesome piano coda (and the rest of their songs) back to U.S. stages. Those same fans became overjoyed when they read bassist Billy Gould’s Twitter account last week and saw some exciting news: “Tweet THIS: In response to all of our concerned US brethren...YES...we are now actively planning US dates."

I’m already preparing my Mr. Bungle shirt and Doc Martens for the show, even though no dates or further information have been made available.

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