Family Counseling Group Schedules Online Protest of David Lynch’s Transcendental Meditation Benefit Concert with McCartney and Ringo

Kat Gardiner recently reported that on April 4 David Lynch will throw a star-studded shindig at Radio City Music Hall to benefit his foundation for "Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace." With acts ranging from Paul and Ringo to Donovan and Eddie Vedder (picture that lovechild, if you will!), who wouldn’t be pumped about such an exciting affair?

Apparently Knapp Family Counseling in Malone, NY, that’s who! On April 2, Knapp will hold an online protest to teach participants “a side of the Transcendental Meditation story they won't tell you.” (I have no idea who “they” is referring to in that quote.) The site also warns of the “secret agendas” of TM leaders and equates Lynch’s commitment to TM with Tom Cruise’s devotion to the Church of Scientology. Damn son, that’s some straight up dubious claims right there! For as much crazy may be floating around in Knapp and company’s allegations, their assertion that teaching TM in schools violates separation of church and state laws is up for debate.

Still, I think it’s unfair to compare TM to any kind of religious praise. TM isn’t about forging a connection with God or some other divine force. A person meditates to connect with the deepest parts of one’s mind to reach a state of transcendental being. I suppose, though, the facet of TM that challenges people the most is the role of the yogi, which could be construed as a pervasive influence to an organization like Knapp’s (the center appears to specialize in cult recovery).

Anyway, it seems like this event could turn out to be kind of interesting, as long as these folks don’t get too out there with their accusations. The panel Knapp has assembled seems pretty interesting, and, hey, maybe David Lynch will toss his hat in the ring and defend his passion. Stranger things have happened.

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