Fang Island record dry, academic new album, go on joyless East Coast tour

Fang Island record dry, academic new album, go on joyless East Coast tour

Fang Island are a rock ‘n’ roll band from Providence, Rhode Island. Their music consists of an academic examination of the tones that result from the striking of guitars. Despite rumors that the group’s sound is similar to “everyone high-fiving everyone,” the principal members of Fang Island maintain that their music is only to provide mental growth and should not be compared with cheap physical acts, e.g., the slapping of hands. If one must compare Fang Island’s music to a physical act, a firm handshake with maintained eye contact is a more apt comparison.

The rock group is currently recording a new album. Last year, they put out Fang Island, a record liked by many, disliked by others, and met with indifference by those outside of the two aforementioned population groups. Their new album, which they describe as “extremely dry and technical, only for true academics,” will serve as the follow-up to their debut. Updates on that recording process may be found at the group’s Twitter page, even though the band members would vastly prefer the formality of a bi-monthly newsletter.

In September, the band has planned a break from their strenuous development of the new record. During this time, they will take to a series of concert halls to present their new theories and developments. These shows shall take place on the East Coast of the United States of America. Fellow rock group The Joy Formidable will be present on certain dates. Seating will not be provided. Please do not talk during the performance.

Fang Island dates:

09.10.11 - Pawtucket, RI - Machines with Magnets
09.21.11 - Washington, DC - Red Palace
09.23.11 - Durham, NC - Tremont Music Hall
09.24.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Drunken Unicorn
09.25.11 - Tampa, FL - The Orpheum #
09.26.11 - West Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern #
09.28.11 - Carborro, NC - Cat’s Cradle #
09.29.11 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall #
09.30.11 - Rochester, NY - Club at Water Street Music Hall #
10.05.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands

# The Joy Formidable

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