Faraquet Album Remastered & Reissued

Faraquet Album Remastered & Reissued

The long-defunct seminal post-hardcore band Faraquet is receiving much-deserved appreciation from home label Dischord. The label has remastered and re-released the band’s only full-length release during their somewhat brief but impact-full run through the late 90s. The album is The View from This Tower (release in 2000), and it is once again available for purchase at the Dischord website and in hopefully a few lucky record stores around town.

In extremely related news, the band Medications, whose core membership features Devin and Chad from Faraquet, will be releasing Completely Removed on April 20 via Dischord.

• Faraquet: http://www.myspace.com/faraquetband
• Dischord: http://www.dischord.com

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