Faust, Os Mutantes, Mission of Burma, and other non-old and decrepit bands to play Lexington’s Boomslang Fest

When did the aesthetic of acts like Burning Star Core and Hair Police become part of the independent music establishment? It seems that record labels like Stiltbreeze, Not Not Fun, Olde English Spelling Bee, Woodsist, et al. are as revered as any other indie label out there. "Experimental" isn't a pejorative; it's perhaps the greatest compliment in coded reviewer language. Basically, noise artists shitting on stage isn't what it used to be. TMT obviously loves all that... shit, and as far as I'm concerned, Lexington, KY has been somewhat of a hub for American house-show culture, featuring aforementioned mainstays BxC and Hair Police, but also a host of less-covered, but equally sweet (and incestuous) bands like Tiny Fights, Jovantes, Three Legged Race, and Caboladies.

Case in point: that scene's radio station, WRFL, is putting on a three-day festival to celebrate nothing less than "sound and art." (Don't you wish there were more random celebrations of sound and art?) On October 9-11, you can make your way down to Lexington for the Boomslang Fest, where a whole lot of venues and bars will be hosting music from Faust, Os Mutantes, Mission of Burma, Atlas Sound, Papa M, The Black Angels, Bardo Pond, Rachel Grimes (Rachel's), Teeth Mountain, Kurt Vile, Disappears, Bill Nance, Mark Hosler (Negativland), Burning Star Core, Hair Police, all those sweet Lexington bands, and many more.

The time-specific breakdown, full-band roster, and lots of other info can be found here: http://boomslangfest.com

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