The Field to release “ambient techno on steroids” with new album The Follower

The Field to release "ambient techno on steroids" with new album The Follower
Photo: Sonia Alvarez

It’s like a uniquely delicious banana that you just ate continuously reappearing on your kitchen counter, and thinking that you’d eventually grow tired of its wonderful taste, each chewing session is equally enjoyable and somehow subtly different from the last!

Axel Willner a.k.a. The Field certainly has a knack for avoiding staleness while maintaining his distinct sound within the confines of ambient techno, and it’s kind of a weird phenomenon, because each of the previous four albums in his discography sound so superficially similar that it’s a wonder that Willner himself hasn’t had a lapse in sanity and sued himself for copyright infringement. A desire to sound recognizably like The Field continues with his upcoming The Follower, but those with an extremely particular preference for danceable music that stops short of making you sweat might be overwhelmed. This new one is supposedly “ambient techno on steroids” and The Field’s “most floor-attuned work yet.”

The Follower comes out April 1 on Kompakt, and on a thematic level, Willner said it’s about “old myths, finding utopia and how mankind repeatedly makes the same mistake over and over.” And ovre. And ovre. and ovre. And ovre. And ovre. He clearly chose the right musical style to address this, by the way.

The Follower tracklisting:

01. The Follower
02. Pink Sun
03. Monte Veritá
04. Soft Streams
05. Raise The Dead
06. Reflecting Lights

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