field trip announce new album Horror Vacui, premiere celestial banger

field trip announce new album Horror Vacui, premiere celestial banger
L to R: Phillip Braun, Noah Champ, Nico Geyer, Will Sacks (Photo: Ben Searles)

field trip took shape in 2014 when vocalist/percussionist Noah Champ moved from Los Angeles to New York. Working in a medium-fi idiom called v o i d p o p, the band’s debut full length, Horror Vacui, is out November 11.

In the visual arts, horror vacui, or “fear of empty space,” led to artworks 100% crammed with detail. Nature (and many a painter) abhors a vacuum. field trip, too, share the impulse to fill it all up, and you can hear it on new track “2 NY,” as cavernous funk warps and swirls into high dew point production overload. It’s a song wherein classic human void-fear, happening within the delirious insomnia of NYC, becomes an all-encompassing sensation.

Read Champ’s description of “2 NY” below, followed by our premiere of the track.

“2 NY” is about being horrified and invigorated simultaneously. The song lived entirely in my head for about a year. I would just sing it to myself in my head while walking around. One of my first favorite albums ever was Paul’s Boutique, and I’ve more recently become completely obsessed with stuff like Endtroducing […] and a lot of more contemporary beatmakers. I wanted to somehow let those influences live within a context I’m more used to. I wanted to make a celestial banger, because that’s sort of what it feels like for me.

Upcoming field trips:

07.29.16 - Brooklyn, NY - Shea Stadium
08.31.16 - Brooklyn, NY - The Knitting Factory

Horror Vacui tracklisting:

01. Horror (i)
02. 4 CA  
03. Vacui 95
04. Never
05. 2 NY
06. Horror (ii)
07. Still

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