Finlay Shakespeare gets high on his own supply, announces debut EP on Editions Mego

Finlay Shakespeare gets high on his own supply, announces debut EP on Editions Mego
Photo: Fabio Lugaro

Of course Finlay Shakespeare is releasing his debut EP. A little web sleuthing alludes to his position as the founder & CEO of a Bristol-based musical device manufacturer called Future Sound Systems, and his position is thus akin to that of a kid told to idly monitor a series of multi-colored plastic ball pits; it’s only a matter of time before that kid jumps in and starts chucking balls at all of the adults who foolishly attempt to end the excitement in the name of “school tomorrow” or some bogus excuse like that. Similarly, it was only a matter of time before Shakespeare decided to temporarily put down the soldering iron and commit to making sounds from the machines that were incessantly beckoning him.

The results take the form of a new EP is called Routine, set for release next month on Editions Mego. The title track (listenable below) suggests a musical style that’s surprisingly poppy and filled with lyrical content that heretofore has rarely been found in the label’s discography. Certainly the beginning of “Routine” reminds one of your typical AFX snare, but it’s not long before Shakespeare belts out the catchy and unexpected verse-chorus-verse. The audacity!

Routine is out November 30. Pre-order it here.

Routine tracklisting:

01. Routine
02. Perris (Inevitable Forthcoming Netflix Docudrama Version)

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