The Flaming Lips and Weezer maximize “funnoyance” by playing side-by-side sets

The Flaming Lips and Weezer maximize "funnoyance" by playing side-by-side sets

The year is 1994. A young Rivers Cuomo, fresh off the success of Weezer’s self-titled debut, approaches a young-ish Wayne Coyne at an Arby’s. “Hey, in about 17 years, do you want to play two shows in which we literally play on the same stage together,” the fresh-faced Cuomo asks. Coyne, basking in the afterglow of “She Don’t Use Jelly’s” surprise success, inquires, “You mean a situation in which we both set up at the same time and we take turns playing songs?” “Yeah, that’s what I mean, but we could also play some stuff together,” says Cuomo. “Sounds radical,” declares Coyne, while taking a massive chomp out of a Big Montana.

After years of waiting, the prophecy has come true. For their co-headlining shows at Holmdel, New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center and Wantagh, New York’s Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, the two bands will play side-by-side sets. “I asked Wayne if he has an extra bubble I could ride in,” remarked the present-day Cuomo, fresh off the existence of last year’s Hurley (TMT Review). Both shows will be opened by Yeasayer, who will NOT be allowed on stage for the big Flaming Lips/Weezer collision, because they are jerks. No, I’m sure they’re really lovely people and maybe they’ll pop in during the headlining sets, but who can really say?

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