Flavorpill seeking submissions for new web-exclusive video series

Flavorpill seeking submissions for new web-exclusive video series

Here’s a novel idea: a regular music program featuring indie music videos! Our friends at Flavorpill are about to unveil The Flavorpill Fix, a monthly online smorgasbord (yep, I said it) of everything from band interviews and performance footage, to comedy skits and music videos from “artists large, small, and even totally unknown.” Inspired by New York’s loss of the NYC TV series New York Noise and dedicated to showcasing videos before they hit the big time, The Flavorpill Fix is taking submissions… now.

But don’t take it from me, take it from these informative instructions, direct from the Flavorpill horse’s mouth:

If you’re as pumped about this as we are, email your videos (in Quicktime format, via Sendspace, Megaupload, etc.) to tips@flavorpill.com by Sunday, April 25. Also include: Contact info, a short list of credits (band, song, album, director, website) and any questions or special instructions you may have. We’ll get in touch if we plan to use your clip in the first Flavorpill Fix, which will go live in early May.

Read more about The Flavorpill Fix here. And remember: if it can’t be linked to a large group of high school girls in Kansas singing Justin Bieber songs, it’s already light years ahead of YouTube. And if your video is selected, the prestige will follow you around like bad cologne on a Lehman Brothers executive. Submit away, friends, submit away.

• Flavorpill: http://flavorpill.com

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