FMLY FEST MPLS 2014 seeking donations via Indiegogo — do a good thing!

FMLY FEST MPLS 2014 seeking donations via Indiegogo — do a good thing!

Haven’t done your good deed for the week yet? Too tired to walk outside and help an old lady cross the street? Too disenchanted by critical theory to make a donation to some anti-deforestation non-profit? Just feeling down about yourself and have a reflective, if-I-help-someone-else-it-helps-me-smile kinda personality?

Then look no further than the bike-friendly City of Lakes, my friend. FMLY Fest is coming to South Minneapolis August 3-9, and they need your help to pull it off! For the unacquainted, FMLY Fest is a roving festival that sets up shop in various cities including NYC, L.A., Phoenix, Boston, and Orlando, and pulls mainly from local talent and organizers to make the whole shebang happen. Word is they’ve become completely solar-powered in some instances. On top of that, the FMLY does not accept corporate sponsorship — this shit is 4 the ppl.

FMLY Fest MPLS 2014 really packs in the fun, from the looks of it. August 3-7 will see a smattering of block parties, BBQs, house parties, conspiracy theory seminars (omg), and guitar pedal and synth-building workshops taking place throughout the city. After the dust clears from that inevitable orgy, 35 local and national acts will take the stage at In the Heart of the Beast Theatre on August 8 and 9. This climactic moment will also feature live video projection, a zine/art marketplace, and an “ambient chill out video game cave.”

In order to take care of venue rental and PA costs, FMLY Fest is attempting to raise $1000 through Indiegogo. There are plenty of cool, one-of-a-kind art and music rewards available, so head over there and help them out before all the best stuff gets snatched up.

Still not convinced? Check out a promo video below, then head here to listen to/download a free mixtape featuring every performer!

FMLY Fest MPLS 2014 lineup:

American Cream
Animal Lover
Fort Wilson Riot
France Camp
Frankie Teardrop
Kitten Forever
Little Ruckus
Little Spoon
Lord Scrummage
Meth Dad
Michael Paralax
Pen Test
Persona La Ave
Pony Bwoy
Radio Brovold
Sativa Flats
Shakin Babies
Some Pulp
Surfer Gurl
Teenage Moods
Tender Meat
The Funeral and the Twilight
The Hecks
The Velveteens
Vacation Dad
Wage Theft

• FMLY Fest MPLS 2014:

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