Fonal’s Musik Mosaik Festival is coming to a Finland near you, with music, crafts, and Congolese music videos!

Fonal's Musik Mosaik Festival is coming to a Finland near you, with music, crafts, and Congolese music videos!

Need another reason to visit central Finland in mid-November other than the glorious near-freezing temperatures? Look no further! Book your flights now to attend the incredibly well-priced three-day Musik Mosaik Festival, presented by Fonal Records in Tampere, Finland, from November 17-19. Festival passes are available now through the label’s shop for a mere €15, which should leave you with plenty of cash for travel expenses.

The all-access pass gets you into two shows, an art exhibition, a screening of some “Visionary Congolese music videos,” a “Strobe Animation Workshop” and an afterparty with not one but two DJs, and it even comes with a free downloadable sampler featuring 15 tracks from various festival performers. Expect polite head-bobbing and lots of consonants.

The two proper shows feature headliners Ignatz (Belgium) and Heatsick (UK), respectively, but what’s a “Strobe Animation Workshop,” you might be asking? Well, after watching the instructional video posted on the festival’s site, it’s not exactly clear, but it appears to be something only someone suffering from the effects of a long dark winter indoors would come up with. It’s kind of like a homemade party decoration for a Finnish mid-Winter rave… and it looks like a must-have skill. What are you waiting for?

Festival Schedule (all dates in Tampere, Finland):

11.17.11 - Arthouse Cinema Niagara - CONGO LOVE (visionary Congolese music videos presented by Xavier García Bardón)
11.17.11 - Telakka - Ignatz, Sand Circles, J. Tolvi Semiband, DJ Bongo Man
11.18.11 - Telakka - Heatsick, Quilts, Fricara Pacchu, Jarse, Mother DJs
11.19.11 - Telakka - Strobe Animation Workshop by Jari Suominen
11.19.11 - Ravintola - Afterparty featuring Bongo Man, Mother and Fonal DJs
11.17-19.11 - Ravintola 931 - Exhibition by Peter Larsson and Jan Anderzén

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