Foot Village Pack Up Their Tough Actin’ Tanactin and Tour Europe

As moose hunter and squirrelly white guy court doe-eyed Moral Majoritites all across America, a delegation of sovereign citizens from California’s Foot Village will hold a series of diplomatic drum symposiums in a selection of European countries. Foot Village’s public will no doubt enthrall the throngs of assorted counts, marquises, and burghers (perhaps the occasional wretched serf as well) in attendance with their vicious addresses on rhythm, delivered always in incommodious thumps and brazen, regal screams.

Foot Village has left the comfort of their home soil in order to support their latest treaty, Friendship Nation (TMT Review), composed earlier this year in direct violation of several Geneva Convention accords. Nevertheless, the citizens will be absent from local administrative duties for the duration of their sojourn, so please suspend any scheduled dissents or demonstrations until Foot Village is available to properly stomp on your petty grievances. Vox populi, non est vox dei.

[Photo: Dalton]

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