Four Tet, Clinic, Maps, and Pram Make Guest Appearances on Comp to Benefit Homeless Population

Admired alternative artists and krautrockers Four Tet, Maps, Clinic, Damo Suzuki (of Can) and Michael Rother (of Neu! and Harmonia) have joined together to create exclusive recordings for Audioscope, a nine-year-old music festival with the purpose of raising funds for the homeless. All musical contributions will appear on an album titled Music for a Good Home, where Dieter Moebius, Pram, and Clinic are also slated to make an appearance. Music for a Good Home's profits will go towards national housing and Shelter, a U.K. charity organization for the homeless.

Four Tet is reportedly contributing original work for the compilation, as well as Maps performing a Bob Dylan track. And that's not all... oh, that's not all. Damo Suzuki's contribution to "Home" will be a live track recorded at Oxford's Truck Festival. Only 300 physical copies of the album will be released, but that's okay, because who really buys those? For the forward-thinking donator, digital copies will also be sold on iTunes. The tracklist is below.

1. Michael Rother - Maus-Mann-Motiv
2. Piano Magic - Never It Will Be the Same Again
3. Four Tet - Audioscope
4. The Oscillation - The 3rd Harmonic
5. Damo Suzuki - Truck on Track
6. Dieter Moebius - Popst
7. Maps - Not Dark Yet
8. Pram - Tumblin
9. Shooting at Unarmed Men - Death by Decaf
10. Vibracathedral Orchestra - Gat Rot
11. Clinic - Earl Mallard
12. Blood Red Shoes - Carry Knots
13. Einstellung - Und Die Ruhe Ist Donner

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