Frank Black produces new Pete Yorn record, blows the mind of your circa-2001 self.

Frank Black produces new Pete Yorn record, blows the mind of your circa-2001 self.

Pretend it is, say, 2001 or 2002, and you’re watching MTV2 (remember MTV2? Totally aughts!). Some young buck singer/songwriter named Pete Yorn comes on with a video from his 2001 debut Musicforthemorningafter. The guy’s not bad, but, man, you’re a real indie rocker and no band will ever be better than The Pixies. Yeah, this Yorn dude’s okay, but he can never (never!) step to Frank Black’s weirdo juggernaut.

Now, snap back to the present, when your mind will be blown (or you’ll be mildly surprised) that Frank Black is producing Pete Yorn’s new self-titled record, coming out via Vagrant Records on September 28. Other things that might have been mildly surprising back in 2001/2002: Vagrant puts out Pete Yorn’s records now and not just those of The Get Up Kids and Dashboard Confessional; Yorn’s last record was a collaboration with the blond girl from Ghost World; and Frank Black thinks that Yorn “just wanted to rock out” on his new record.

What shouldn’t be surprising is that, while Yorn got the flu during the recording, Black didn’t really care about getting sick. Well, duh, Frank Black made a deal with the devil at the age of four, preventing him from ever getting sick. Everybody knows that.

Pete Yorn tracklist:

01. Precious Stone
02. Rock Crowd
03. Velcro Shoes
04. Paradise Cove I
05. Badman
06. The Chase
07. Sans Fear
08. Always
09. Stronger than
10. Future Life
11. Wheels

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