Frank Ocean’s new album is reportedly out Friday

Frank Ocean's new album is reportedly out Friday

Update: According to The New York Times, Frank Ocean is releasing his new album exclusively through Apple Music on Friday, which includes a “major video” and a “printed publication.” Fuuuuuuck yeah!!

Frank Ocean hates us all and wants us to DIE.

That’s my conclusion upon witnessing the mysterious livestream happening right now on his website.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with spotty LTE coverage, you’ll likely recall that last month, Ocean teased a July release date for his forthcoming album (and channel ORANGE follow-up) Boys Don’t Cry. Well, it’s now, hmm, August 1, and we’ve still got nothin’… Or DO WE, THOUGH?! Arggg! I have news for you, Frank: boys DO cry when you keep screwin’ with their heads like this!

Oh well. I guess we’ve got no choice but to stay-tuned for updates on Ocean’s unfolding PR saga as they develop. (Admittedly, it’s a LOT more fun being hated by Frank Ocean than it is being hated by myself on a monday.)

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