Free Weed comes through with his debut LP Introducing via Bad Diet; let’s be honest, that moniker sells itself

Free Weed comes through with his debut LP Introducing via Bad Diet; let's be honest, that moniker sells itself

Real talk: cellar doors are cool and all, but I’d personally wager that “free weed” is one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language. I mean, phonoaesthetically speaking, it’s got some nice sounding assonance going for it, but if it’s meaning we’re talkin’ about, “free weed” is mostly synonymous with “a real good time.” It figures, then, that Gnar Tapes head honcho Rikky Gage would adopt Free Weed as the nom-de-plume for his solo project, ushering in the good times and pressing them to cassette for a sadly limited few to savor. But for no longer, ‘cos the upstarts over at Bad Diet are doing everyone a solid and putting out Introducing, the so-called “debut” album from the Free Weed brand. Now THAT is how to make an entrance!

Following a sizable chunk of material for the likes of Beer on the Rug and Exo Tapes, Introducing promises to maintain Gage’s MO: straightforward pop bliss, catchy-as-fuck and suitably smoked out. Hit after hit, all killer no filler; if you’ve ever experienced Free Weed before, you’ll know exactly what the deal is here. Of course, it’s coming out on 4/20 — PSYCH! It’s actually out February 24, because the world simply could not wait until that most fated day on the stoner’s calendar for this thing to drop. Need further convincing? Perhaps the vid for lead single “Later” will sway you:

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