French composer Olivier Alary premieres new album Fiction / Non-Fiction in full, out today on FatCat’s 130701 imprint

French composer Olivier Alary premieres new album Fiction / Non-Fiction in full, out today on FatCat's 130701 imprint

This just in: a group of spacetime-traveling anarchists have brought back to us (or… brought sideways) an apocalyptic vision of a post-classical reality.

French artist Olivier Alary composes music in a wide array of fields: remixes, soundtracks, art installations, advertisements, and on his own solo albums, Sketch Proposals and Ensemble. He’s previously collaborated with Björk on “Desired Constellations.” Fiction / Non-Fiction is Alary’s melodic, thoughtful new album of original compositions for FatCat’s 130701 imprint. Not only that, but he’s also brought many guests along for the spacetime ride as well, “curated by Dave Howell, director of the 130701 label […] performed by many incredible musicians and ensembles such as the Babelsberg Filmorchestra, The Wroclaw Score Orchestra, Saint Stanislas de Kostka Choir, members of the Warhol Dervish String quartet, as well as pianist/arranger Johannes Malfatti, saxophonist Erik Hove and many others…”

The “Fiction” in Alary’s latest solo release is a constant false sense of musical familiarity, of worldly influence and tradition, where there is really a blur. In his own words: “the texture of sound is as evocative as a strong melody or harmonic progression. I also love to blur the boundaries between the geography of instruments and music genres.” Meanwhile, the “Non-Fiction” is the transience, the constant fluid evolution of tracks like “Pulses” and “Flooding,” which make Alary’s compositions resemble musical liquid. Each movement rushes with confidence, the entire album delicate, thoughtful.

We have the pleasure of premiering Fiction / Non-Fiction in full below. It (non-fictionally) comes out today on 130701.

Fiction / Non-Fiction tracklist:

01. Xi
02. Defeat
03. Pulses (for Percussion)
04. Nollywood
05. Yu Shui
06. Khaltoum
07. Arrivée
08. Autodrome
09. Canon
10. Juanicas
11. Dancing Bottle
12. Flooding
13. Qin
14. Pulses (for winds)
15. Forêt
16. The Dreaming
17. Epilogue

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