Funnyman Phil Elverum shows that he’s still “got it” with Mount Eerie’s Song Islands Vol. 2!

Funnyman Phil Elverum shows that he's still "got it" with Mount Eerie's Song Islands Vol. 2!

The people have spoken: Phil Elverum is America’s greatest funnyman! After being separately named “Comedian of the Year” by Chicago’s Yuk Hut and Fort Wayne’s Snickerz, it should be clear that Phil Elverum is the funniest man in the country. Of course, us true believers, the ones who got into him through his classic stand-up album The Glow Pt. II (#5 on our decade list, by the way) and last year’s hilarious Mount Eerie record Wind’s Poem (TMT Review), we’ve known this for some time. So, in appreciation of us Elverum diehards, the man is collecting some of his funniest rare material as Mount Eerie for a new collection called Song Islands Vol. 2. The record is out digitally via eMusic right now and will be out on LP (which I believe stands for “laughter producer”) on October 21 through P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd.

For the record, my favorite Elverum bit is the one where a wall of distorted noise gives way to a delicate guitar and his hushed voice. Hilarious!

Song Islands Vol. 2 tracklist:

01. Where?
02. Calf in Pasture
03. The Intimacy
04. I Whale
05. O My Heart
06. Instrumental
07. Where Is My Tarp?
08. Don’t Smoke
09. Get Off the Internet
10. Cooking
11. Give Totally Up
12. Do Not Be Afraid
13. Voice in Headphones (singers)
14. Cold Mountain
15. Cold Mountain’s Song #286
16. Heart Lake at Night
17. You Turn Me On
18. A Sentimental Song
19. Mystery Language
20. Waterfalls
21. This Is the Same Ocean
22. In the Rain
23. In Moonlight
24. Thanksgiving
25. Instrumental
26. Uncertainty
27. Limp Climbing
28. Grave Robbers
29. Lost Wisdom
30. (Wind Lyrics)
31. Small House

• P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.:

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