GAYNGS prove to be best supergroup ever, win lawsuit against bus company

GAYNGS prove to be best supergroup ever, win lawsuit against bus company

Remember GAYNGS? Remember how these members of Bon Iver, The Rosebuds, Har Mar Superstar, and others led by Ryan Olson showed such potential for greatness that even Prince gave them a nod of acknowledgement? Well, their bus driver, C.J. Curtsinger, didn’t think they were great. In fact, he thought they were so lame that he turned around their tour bus and brought it back to Nashville. Said tour bus was heading to Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival, and despite Olson and his army pleading for the return of their bus (which contained their gear), Mr. Curtsinger said “No.”

Skipping ACL is like tearing your ACL, so needless to say Olson and his posse were pissed. In fact, they hired lawyers and filed a lawsuit against Curtsinger and his bus firm C.J. Starbuses, Inc. On May 18, a jury handed down a judgement demanding Curtsinger and C.J. Starbuses pay $100,000 in punitive and compensatory damages. That’s a lot of money! Then again, there are over 20 members in GAYNGS, so they probably get (including lawyer fees and the manager’s cut) only a couple grand. But hey, that’s enough for an apartment. Or an iMac.

According to the lovely press release, manager Nate Vernon states that he is “extremely relieved” with the result, and that “no amount of money can make up for being deprived of that show; however, the peace of mind which comes from justice is the next best thing.” Perhaps.

Victory Lap:

5.28.11 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge *
5.29.11 - Quincy, WA - Sasquatch Music Festival
6.01.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Great American Music Hall *
6.03.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Natural History Museum

* White Hinterland


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