Geotic (Will Wiesenfeld of Baths) announces new album Abysma on Ghostly International

Geotic (Will Wiesenfeld of Baths) announces new album Abysma on Ghostly International
Photo: Mario Luna

Few things in this world seem to be in perpetual motion, but sometimes it feels like the tireless folks at prolific beat music label Ghostly International never sleep. Last week, they unveiled another high-profile artist signing to their roster, and it came alongside a big album announcement for the first quarter of 2017: the new disc from Will Wiesenfeld (the face/voice/mastermind behind/in front of Baths) and his lesser-appreciated Geotic project. The new album is titled Abysma, and it’s out March 31. Pre-order here.

If you’re new to this whole Geotic thing, you’re not alone. An omnipotent press release notes that Wiesenfeld distinguishes Baths and Geotic by designating the former “active listening” and the latter “passive listening,” but the benevolent writer is quick to point out that that doesn’t exactly tell the whole story, especially with the new LP: “Abysma might be dance music created for at-home listening, but it’s replete with a quiet beauty and private communion that can rival anything made to command the totality of your attention span.” We can probably just stick with “ambient music,” but, you know, whatever works.

If you’re still having trouble putting all this language into an aural context, Wiesenfeld and Ghostly have helpfully shared a track to satisfy your curiosity. Listen to “Actually Smiling” below, along with the Abysma tracklisting:

Abysma tracklisting:

01. Sunspell
02. Actually Smiling
03. Nav
04. Billionth Remnant
05. Laura Corporeal
06. Vaulted Ceiling, Painted Sky
07. Perish Song
08. Valiance

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