Ghostface Killah receives greatest honor of all: a limited-release beer with his name

Ghostface Killah receives greatest honor of all: a limited-release beer with his name

You work hard. Sometimes you just wanna kick back with the guys, eat a ton of fuckin’ buffalo wings and relax.

For those times, Ghost Face Killah is here. No, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper won’t stop by your house with a couple of cold ones and some messy Applebee’s “meat” products for you and your overweight friend, your black friend, and your slightly sexist “bro” friend. (But it’s cool — he’s sexist in a lovable, Judd Apatowesque way! It’s cool, ladies! Now what’s your phone number? Hey hey just kidding! But seriously. WHAT IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER LADIES.) Instead, you’ll have to settle for the cool, refreshing taste of Boulder, CO’s Ghost Face Killah limited-release beer, produced by Twisted Pine Brewery.

Well, some of you will: Ghost Face Killah (the beer) is limited to about 100 bottles. Fortunately, this may be all that America needs, as the beer’s special recipe includes five different types of pepper, including the formidable Bhut Jolokia, sometimes referred to as “the ghost pepper,” possibly because it’s so freakin’ hot that you’ll want to die and become a ghost if you consume it. For real. This stuff is being developed by Indian scientists for use in hand grenades and pepper sprays… which is sad and kind of disturbing. Unlike beer. BACK TO THE BEER!!!

Ghost Face Killah (the beer) is being billed by Twisted Pine as “the hottest beer this side of hell.” The brewery had hoped to partner with Ghostface Killah (the rapper), but didn’t receive a call back when they got in touch with his people. Technically, the beer is named after a character in the kung-fu flick Mystery of Chessboxing, but yeah… that’s a lot less exciting.

Other artists to get honored in beer form recently include Pelican, Miles Davis, Wilco, and The Jesus Lizard.

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