Give up your day job and devote it to full-time Anthony Braxton-ing

Give up your day job and devote it to full-time Anthony Braxton-ing

Prepare to be Braxtonized! And no, I don’t mean to imply that your heart is about to be un-broken. Roulette, a performing arts center for experimental music, dance, and art, is currently featuring the works and talents of Anthony Braxton (started October 5, runs until October 8) as part of the Energies, Ideas, Intuitions festival. Mr. Braxton will be performing or conducting at least once during each of the four scheduled concerts, and each night will feature at least one world premiere, including a concert reading of Braxton’s new opera Trillium J.

Following the festival, New Braxton House (Braxton’s Tri-Centric Foundation label) will release a four-disc box set of Trillium E, another opera in Braxton’s Trillium series, on October 11. Collect them all.

While all of this Braxton-osity sounds awesome, those unfamiliar with his huge output may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Not to worry: the Tri-Centric Foundation has issued a free downloadable sampler of Braxton’s ‘greatest hits’ to help you ease your way into four solid nights of jazz-opera-improv goodness. Enjoy.

• Tri-Centric Foundation’s New Braxton House:

[Photo: Seth Tisue]

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