Glenn Branca Ensemble to debut The Third Ascension in NYC, rendering first two ascensions obsolete

Glenn Branca Ensemble to debut The Third Ascension in NYC, rendering first two ascensions obsolete
Hi-res picture of Glenn Branca

Hey, Glenn Branca fans! Remember back in the day when that first “Ascension” thing was a thing? And then… remember less-far-back in the day when a second one of those things was a thing too?

Well, FORGET THAT SHIT. Those first two miraculous ascensions were nothing. Just warm-ups. THIS Ascension is the real one.

According to BrooklynVegan, ye olde Glenn Branca Ensemble are once again descending upon New York City with all of their guitary fury, and this time they’ll be premiering The Third Ascension, a “new work for guitar, bass, and drums conducted by Branca” at three separate shows. The concerts will take place at The Kitchen on the now-auspicious evening of February 23 (with shows at both 7 and 9 PM) and February 24. Tickets for all shows are currently on sale.

According to someone or other who’s more closely acquainted with Branca than I’ll ever be, this new piece “is the latest development of Branca’s influential 1981 work ‘The Ascension,’ in which he experiments with resonances generated by alternate tunings for multiple electric guitars.” The performing lineup for the event will feature Reg Bloor and Arad Evans on guitar, bassist Greg McMullen, Marc Sloan and Luke Schwartz ALSO on guitar (can’t have too many), and Owen Weaver on drums.

But the COOLEST part? Each show is going to be recorded live “for a subsequent album release”! Just think: YOU could be that loud asshole shouting “Freeeeeebird!” or “Sonic Yooooooouth Forever!” on a freakin’ Glenn Branca record. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

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