Gobby drops a “noisy techno” album as Monkeybone called The Roommate

Gobby drops a "noisy techno" album as Monkeybone called The Roommate

We’ve all been there. Your college roommate gets married and moves out, so you trawl Craigslist for a suitable replacement. You find someone who seems normal enough, and he moves in. He brings his parakeet. He listens to The Joshua Tree 24/7. He eats all your lunch meat. He eventually murders you. Roommates suck! As evinced by his self-released album under the brand new Monkeybone alias, my boy Gobby knows. It’s called The Roommate, and though it doesn’t contain tracks entitled “There is Parakeet Shit in my Closet” or “I Have Become a Craigslist-Related Statistic” — apparently not all of my experiences are universal — it does contain relatable titles like “His Party Mess” and “The Lost Charger Fight.” Like I said, we’ve all been there.

Anyway, Gobby told Resident Advisor that The Roommate, in addition to being about a terrible roommate, is supposed to highlight his “techno” and “experimental” side — “whatever you want to call noisy techno,” he says. If I had my way, we’d call it “the musical representation of what I’d do to a parakeet if I saw one and wasn’t so averse to violence,” but again, probably not all that universal. You can decide what you want to call it, as you listen to the whole thing below.

The Roommate tracklist:

01. He Moves In
02. GF: Extra Keys
03. His Party Mess
04. The Lost Charger Fight

• Gobby: http://www.gobbygobby.com

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