Gold Panda will tour anywhere in the world as long as there’s bamboo to chew on.

Gold Panda will tour anywhere in the world as long as there's bamboo to chew on.

Hey, what are you doing this Friday night, bro? Hanging out with some buds at the roller rink? Dinner with one of those friends you feel out of touch with but continue to hang out with anyway? Faking the feeling of productivity by making “real headway” on your Netflix queue? Nice, nice. Yeah, I got some of that kinda stuff planned, too. Meanwhile, wanna know what hot-stuff London electronic-music producer Gold Panda is doing this Friday? TOURING THE DAMN WORLD.

Continuing to support his little-record-that-could, 2010’s Lucky Shiner (TMT Review), the other panda-themed DJ guy whose not Noah Lennox will hit the road for his first headlining tour starting Friday in Berlin. From there, he’ll continue on for what press releases often refer to as a nonstop whirlwind of worldwide tour dates “with no stopping in sight.” Although I’m reasonably sure that he’s actually going to be stopping lots of times. For instance, he’ll stop in Belgium for Artefact Festival, in Austin for SXSW, in Spain for Primavera… yup, all kinds of stoppin’ be going on. Speaking of stopping: I’m getting a sandwich. Later.

02.04.11 - Berlin, DE - Club Maria (Transmediale Festival)
02.16.11 - Kortrijk, BE - De Kreun
02.17.11 - Leuven, BE - Gilke Vanuytsel (Artefact Festival)
02.18.11 - Luxenbourg, LU - Exit07
02.24.11 - Praha, CZ - Palac Akropolis
03.01.11 - London, UK - Xoyo
03.02.11 - Amsterdam, NL - Melkweg (5 Days Off Festival)
03.15-19.11 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.22.11 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club
03.23.11 - Seattle, WA - Nectar Lounge
03.24.11 - Portland, OR - Rotture
03.25.11 - San Francisco, CA - 103 Harriet
03.27.11 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
03.29.11 - Chicago, IL - Schubas
03.30.11 - Toronto, ON - Tba
03.31.11 - Philadelphia, PA - The Arch
04.01.11 - Washington, DC - Red Palace
04.02.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Public Assembly
04.20.11 - Laval, FR - Le 6 Par 4
04.21.11 - Lille, FR - Le Grand Mix (Les Paradis Artificiels Festival)
04.22.11 - Nancy, FR - L’autre Canal
04.23.11 - Paris, FR - Point Ephemere
05.28.11 - Barcelona, ES - Primavera Festival (Pitchfork Stage)

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