Goodbye Winter, Hello Bonde do Role Tour!

Spring time: a time for gently falling rains, blossoming flowers, and the hatching of tiny, fuzzy chickens still too cute to be eaten. As the evil, cold, greying snow melts from the ground, new life bursts forth into the balmy, sweet air. It's a time for rebirth, for new hopes, for celebrations. But whatever, who really cares about all that when you know that it is also time for a Bonde do Role tour?!?!?!

After the departure of singer Marina Vello late last year, the future of the Brazilian baile funk dance powerhouse Bonde do Role was a big question mark. But they're back, and possibly better than ever! (Judge for yourself -- I haven't seen the new lineup yet.) They're performing at Coachella and across North America, and they've added not one but two new vocalists! These upstanding young women, Ana Bernardino and Laura Taylor, joined the band after what must surely have been a grueling audition process staged in conjunction with MTV Brasil.

Take off that parka, and get ready to get down, because Bonde do Role is coming to a town near you!

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