Google to launch download, subscription-based service, because there’s more awesome music out there now than ever before

Google to launch download, subscription-based service, because there's more awesome music out there now than ever before

Tired of listening to its dad’s scratched Bob Seger vinyl on the hi-fi and its mom’s Christian radio stations in the car all the time, Google decided it was high time to get into its own scene, man. And with high school starting next fall, Google figured there was no better time than now to amass its own badass, chick-impressing record collection.

So, right after it cuts the lawn, Google is investing in a music download service tied to its search engine later this year (to be followed by a subscription service in 2011), at least according to something called The Wall Street Journal. And although this “street journal” said it was currently unclear as to whether or not label deals have been struck yet, it is pretty sure that Google is at least “in talks” about offering a music service tied to phones running its Android system. (I assume that these talks are taking place via gchat.)

So, here’s how it all goes down: Google’s download service will offer paid Google downloads by providing a Google link to its Google store when users search for an artist or song… on Google. According to that pesky Wall Street Journal, insiders have said that the download store would be an interim step towards the creation of a subscription streaming service compatible with Android phones.

But Google’s plans to use a large music library to get laid in high school could provide a challenge to digital music market leader iTunes. Then again, Apple probably doesn’t care because it (a) probably gets laid all the time, and (b) is widely expected to be preparing a cloud-based version of iTunes right now, which I WANT RIGHT THE HELL NOW. So in the words of my BOYS in D-Generation-X, suck it, Google.

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