Google to Launch Music Service as Early as Next Week, The Details of Which are Left to Our Imaginations

Once upon a time, creativity could be packaged, marketed, and distributed to loving music fans across the world. CDs were a new technology, and a successful source of revenue. Record Executives and musicians alike became prosperous and all was peaceful in the land. Until the fallow years came. Plucky college students began a quest to not only be music's consumers, but to become its distributors, too. Using the immortal powers of the internet, music could now be shared between internet users and CDs quickly became all but irrelevant.

In a terminally ill industry, music execs felt the burn of their losses. "Help us, oh Lord!!" they cried. And the Lord heard their prayers. The clouds parted and God said… "let there be streaming music services sponsored by select media outlets." Google heard the command and said "how far we have come from being but a lonely search engine! We have satellites and iPhone apps, calendars and Gchat, but let us expand once more! We will create a streaming music service!"

That's right, kids. Google wants a piece of the streaming music pie. They're keeping mum regarding the details of their service, which is rumored to be called either "Google Music," "Google Audio," or "OneBox," but we do know that the service has the cooperation of major labels. A simple Google Music search will supposedly give you a streaming link taken directly from LaLa or iLike. Plenty more details will leak out over the next few days, but it's also reported that the service is launching as soon as next Wednesday.

…And God saw that it was good, etc.

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