Google smooshes a bunch of storefronts together to create Google Play, makes iPhone users yawn

Google smooshes a bunch of storefronts together to create Google Play, makes iPhone users yawn

Ever find yourself getting lost in the vast Android Marketplace trying to find that new Kreayshawn single, only to find a sea of seemingly useless applications? Been on a crowded bus trying to download the newest Fast and Furious movie to play out loud, fellow passengers be damned, with nary a video to be had in this so-called Marketplace? Well, as of this past Tuesday, you can go worry free, as Google has unveiled a new service which means no more accessing different storefronts to find what your heart truly desires (and must have RIGHT NOW)!

Google’s newest service, Google Play, rolls a number of existing services into a single platform. Play’s aim is to integrate the Android Marketplace, Google Music, and the Google eBookstore into one storefront à la iTunes to offer users simplified access to apps, songs, books, and downloadable movies. All content previously downloaded through any of the separate entities will be converted to the new service and made available through the new Google Play interface.

Content downloaded through Play will be stored in Google’s cloud and made available to customers on their Android devices or any web-enabled PC. Users can preview content prior to purchase and share their media consuming activities on their Google+ page! Seamless integration with email and text is also a feature, though there’s no connectivity to Facebook or Twitter yet (but I mean, who uses those?).

This announcement will obviously make hundreds of thousands of Apple nerds drop their iPhones and head for the Android hills. I can hear them in the distance heading this way now…

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