Grab Your Water Wings and Get Your Shots, Flipper Floats Again with New Studio and Live Albums

As the first decade of the oughts crawls ever closer to its inevitable conclusion, one has to suspect that for some these past 10 years in pop music will not be remembered for its new material, but for its reunions. Thanks to enablers like All Music Guide, Pitchfork, and Soulseek, the double zeros’ younger generation caught wind of many a classic act from rock’s halcyon days (basically everything before 1999), and once the bands themselves caught wind of the younger generation’s wind-catching, oh how the reunions flowed! Some bands seemed to inexplicably pick up where they left off and immediately began cranking out new, fantastic albums as if not a day had passed since their last jam (i.e. Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr), while others simply cranked out their back catalogue and cashed the check in the morning (i.e. everybody else).

After San Francisco scuzzbags Flipper reunited in 2005, their sporadic touring and seemingly false promises of a new record dropped them into the latter category, at least for my dumb cynical ass. But as it turns out, Flipper have finally found a label to release their totes new record Love along with a live album Fight, which features both new and old material. Recorded in Krist Novoselic’s home studio (with Novoselic on bass, as well) and produced by grunge guru Jack Endino, Love is Flipper’s first studio album in over 16 years. You can check out some of the new tracks on the band’s MySpace, and even though the site only lists a few scattered West Coast dates and the Australian leg of Flipper’s upcoming tour, the band has promised a list of American and European dates sometime in the future. Oh the anticipation!

I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Flipper, you big sack of misanthropic angst, you!
04.24.09 – Berkeley, CA – Amoeba Records
04.25.09 – San Francisco, CA – El Rio
05.08.09 – South Lake Tahoe, CA – Whiskey Dicks
05.09.09 – Sparks, NV – Vixens
06.04.09 – Perth, Australia – Amplifier Bar
06.05.09 – Adelaide, Australia - Live on Light Square
06.06.09 – Melbourne, Australia – The Esplanade Hotel
06.07.09 – Hobart, Australia – The Brisbane Hotel
06.09.09 – Melbourne, Australia – The Arthouse Hotel
06.11.09 – Brisbane, Australia – The Step Inn
06.12.09 – Canberra, Australia - Australian National University Bar
06.13.09 – Sydney, Australia – Manning Bar
06.14.09 – Newcastle, Australia – Cambridge Hotel

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