Grand Duchy (Black Francis + wife) release latest on Sonic Unyon, talk dirty

Grand Duchy (Black Francis + wife) release latest on Sonic Unyon, talk dirty

Man of a thousand band names Black Francis has added another album to his ever-expanding catalog. This one comes courtesy of Grand Duchy, a project featuring the Pixies frontman with his fabulous wife Violet Clark at the helm. In case you missed them, the group released their debut album Petit Fours and did the tour/festival circuit back in 2009, racking up loads of accolades and blogolades along the way. Now, three years later, the hard rockin’ couple is back with a new effort out on Sonic Unyon/Cooking Vinyl called Let the People Speak. It hits stores April 10, but if you’re a Grand Duchy fan, you don’t have to wait till then to hear Clark & Frank talk dirty! Nope, just read on!

“My motto for this record was ‘if Petits Fours was missionary, Let the People Speak needs to be doggy style,’” Clark said. Black Francis agreed. “Let the People Speak has more confidence,” he said. “For Violet, the confidence of finding one’s voice; for me, the confidence to become submissive. This record was definitely more about slamming it in.” It’s also about Warhol, according to Grand Duchy. Clark, who wrote the tracks whilst Black/Francis/uggggh whatever the hell that dude’s name was on tour with the Pixies, is a huge Warhol fan. Shades of the Warhol clique’s infatuation with fame, sex, and art shine through on the album, most explicitly in the Warhol hair-inspired track “Silver Boys.” You can peep that rad track here.

Let the People Speak tracklisting:

01. The Lopsided World of L
02. See-Thru You
03. White Out
04. Where is John Frum
05. Geode
06. Shady
07. Annie Bliss
08. Dark Sparkles and the Beat
09. Two Lies and One Truth
10. Silver Boys
11. Illiterate Lovers
12. Face
13. Esther
14. ROTC
15. Let the People Speak

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