Grandaddy reunite for limited shows; glass dishes of Werther’s Originals to be distributed at each venue

Grandaddy reunite for limited shows; glass dishes of Werther's Originals to be distributed at each venue

I said what now? Ohh ho ho, yes, yes. That is what I was just discussin’ about. Why, I plum forgot, drew me a blank soon as I’d set these gums to flappin’! Heeh heh heh heh, yep, that’s yer ol’ Grandaddy alright. Old coot now, old coot then. Yes child, I was a wild thing in my day, nothing like the kind a hopped up foolishness you see on the TV more ‘n more these days, no the 90s were a different time, now I won’t say better for I seen enough gray hairs sprout ‘n my time to let naivety rule the day, but tell me if you think ‘em youngsters ‘d find time for summin like yours truly, now imagine me with a lil’ more meat on my bones and a big ol’ trucker hat? Now ‘course there weren’t no ironic this-and-that on that hat, see it was a different spirit, if I felt like John Deere and I’s fixin’ to sing ‘bout my place as a young buck truckin’ through this life and findin’ my place in that darn technosphere ‘s just about ass-ploded if you ask me in recent times.

Now I said I did, I said I’m comin’ back to the stage, no I don’t need no doctor called in, you show the elderly some respect, you don’t believe me why don’t you give a hoot ‘n holler across that pond to th’ folks behind End of the Road Festival, you call and you ask ‘em if there’s anyone on that bill besides a bunch of youngsters showin’ off their fresh pies and sayin’, “you wouldn’t dare snatch this off m’ gilded windowsills,” well just wait til’ five years from now let’s see if yer pretty lil’ heads ain’t spinnin’ at all them changes and that damn chorus o’ children shouting louder n’ louder, “Get off the road, Grandaddy, speed limit’s 350 and we got the devil’s fire in our bellies.”

So I said f’rget that, I’m settin’ my old guitars up and yes synthesizers buck-o, get set right up there next t’ Grizzly Bear, maybe win myself a mention in that Jay-Z Decoded Vlog? Now I unnerstand I’m gettin’ on in years, but I’m workin’ overtime ‘tween my chin and my kneecaps if you understand metaphors now. I figure if I limit my song-singin’ to September 1 at this festival that’ll be plenty to set back after ‘n evaluate what’s next, most likely another show if the ol’ hootin’ front row crowd comes back ‘round for more from the ‘Daddy. Now come ‘round the other side here and fix m’ blanket, I’m not shamed a no draft down there.

Only Date So Far:

09.01.12 - Wilshire, UK - End of the Road Festival

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