Grime MC Blay Vision announces debut album Turner Ave. on Lit City Trax, shares video for “Gone Mad” (feat. Jme)

Grime MC Blay Vision announces debut album Turner Ave. on Lit City Trax, shares video for "Gone Mad" (feat. Jme)
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Oh. Hey, LOSER.

How’s it going today, you BITCH-FACE??

What? Something wrong, DINGUS???

Oh sorry; nothing personal. I’m just trying to get you fucking furious enough to fully-appreciate the latest release from London-based grime purveyors Lit City Trax.

This latest, invigorating chuck of pure, seething rage takes the physical form of the debut album by up-and-coming MC/producer Blay Vision — a fearlessly self-reliant, no-glizz/no-glamour beatmaker and vocalist who has nonetheless managed to collaborate effortlessly with grime vets such as Wiley, Skepta, Jme, President T, Flirta D, Shorty, and Fekky along the way.

His first proper album’s namesake, “Turner Ave,” refers to the street in Tottenham, North London where Blay grew up and cut his vicious-yet-catchy stylistic teeth:

[Turner Ave.] is where Blay first heard the music of Bone Thugs N Harmony & Jme. [It] was where Blay discovered his love for the Japanese 8-bit chiptune soundtracks of the Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo consoles which heavily shape his productions. The soundtracks to classic video games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage, changed Blay forever. The importance of melody within these dynamic and original 8-bit gaming compositions has lent itself perfectly to Blay’s musical stylings.

Following the release of the record’s lead-off single “These Guys” a month or so ago, Blay’s back with the unveiling of the new video for furious banger “Gone Mad,” (feat. Jme). The incendiary track “sees Blay ruminating over the lives of Britain’s youth lead,” spitting venomous-yet-prophetic lines like “You can join the army at sixteen but can’t buy CoD [Call of Duty] / It’s like I’m livin’ in backwards times, nobody’s on job!”

Turner Ave. is out June 2, but you can pre-order it now and checkout the clip for “Gone Mad” down below…if you really think you’re PISSED enough yet, that is…you fucker.

Turner Ave. tracklisting:

01. These Guys [produced by Blay Vision]
02. Fully Involved [produced by Blay Vision]
03. ManaMan [produced by Mazza Beats]
04. Moving Now [produced by Teeza]
05. Halloumi Skit [produced by Blay Vision]
06. Skeen [produced by Mazza Beats]
07. My G’s [produced by Blay Vision]
08. Gone Mad ft JME [produced by Blay Vision]
09. Free Mo [produced by Mazza Beats]
10. Amnesia [produced by Blay Vision]
11. Normal [produced by Dimez]
12. 99 Pace [produced by Blay Vision]
13. Violent [produced by Blay Vision]

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