Grizzly Bear Open for Paul Simon in Brooklyn… and I Think I Just Ran Out of Irony

For once (and I mean only once, so savor this), I have essentially nothing snarky to say about this bit of news. I could crack a few Woody Allen jokes or snark about Art Garfunkel's comparably less-than-stellar solo career, or even make such unfounded claims as "Grizzly Bear are totes pigeonholing themselves by associating with an old folkie like Paul Simon," but it's not happening. Oh God. I'll be sacked, not unlike Bridget Jones.

Let's not make this more awkward than necessary. Grizzly Bear should be feeling pretty great right about now, being as their Paul Simon stint is prefaced with a performance at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, supported by the LA Philharmonic. That's right, a big ol' coat-and-tails, tuba-toting, Tchaikovsky-loving outfit is supporting Grizzly Bear. Orchestras just got way cooler in your book (they were already way up there in mine).

A mere month later, it's off to the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Gilman Opera House to backup Paul Simon in the final installment of his BAM residency. The Bear-friendly portion is entitled "American Tunes," which promises to feature songs from the more well-known portions of Simon's discography. Additional supporting acts include The Roches and Olu Dara. Call it cliché, but a Grizzly Bear-powered rendition of "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"? Again, the jibe fails me, and you know it would be fantastic. I don't care if it's in Brooklyn, the breeding ground of disaffected humor... and inexplicably, beards.

I'm sorry honey, not tonight:

* LA Philharmonic

** Paul Simon, Olu Dara, The Roches

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