Grooveshark shuts down, returns as a clone, creates giant TIDAL wav

Grooveshark shuts down, returns as a clone, creates giant TIDAL wav

Two weeks ago, a federal judge ruled that the music streaming service Grooveshark could owe $736 mllion in charges in damages for never securing licenses for the expansive catalog of music the site provided for free to users. Perhaps taking the judge’s “could” to heart, the company shut down the service last week, leading several people to tweet, “Nooo, not Grooveshark!” Parent company Escape Media avoided murky waters (pretty clever, huh?) by agreeing to a settlement with Universal Music, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music, which included the streaming service to end or pay $75 million.

Speaking of $75 million, Jay-Z received the call early Thursday from his NYC loft that the take down of all other streaming services was going to plan. Mr. Carter quickly hung up, as his wifey surfed into the room, but she still accused, “You were talking to the Illuminati again, weren’t you?”

Back to the now: Grooveshark is already baaaaaaaaaaaack at After doing some hardcore TMT investigative work, it appears that the site — a replica version created by someone named Shark (of course), who started backing up Grooveshark after suspecting its demise — is now more of an MP3 file search engine that is avoiding legal issues with a lengthy “Term of use,” which you can simply ignore. The bad news is you can’t upload anymore, but the good news is you can still quickly download that rare, unreleased studio take of some dumb Eminem song for the party you’re going to Friday, where no one will talk to you… because of that song. Maybe the lesson is, Jay-Z still wins?

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