Group Doueh mercilessly announce new album Zayna Jumma, effectively bankrupting Sublime Frequencies fans

Group Doueh mercilessly announce new album Zayna Jumma, effectively bankrupting Sublime Frequencies fans

Time moves slower when you live on the outskirts of the Sahara desert, but while you and I click “Page 11” on another animated GIF Tumblr and suddenly realize it’s almost April, Group Doueh put the finishing touches on yet another album for Sublime Frequencies. No, I’m not talking about Beatte Harab — that came out, what, three weeks ago? Yesterday’s business, madam, leave that one to the historians. The new thing is Zayna Jumma, an eight-track CD-shaped beast that will be set loose on May 24. It is the opinion of many thoughtful Doueh fans that each album they release manages to outdo the previous, so by my calculations Zayna Jumma is going to be four times as mind-bending as 2007’s Guitar Music from the Western Sahara — which is frightening since that one had me doing footwork up a down escalator.

Recorded last year in Dakhla on the very edge of the Western Sahara by longtime Sublime Frequencies compiler/filmmaker Hisham Mayet, the new album inches closer to Western rock territory than ever before with the addition of bandleader Doueh’s eldest sons El Waar and Hamdan on synth and drum kit, respectively. Three female backup singers were also thrown into the mix, positioning the band one saxophone away from re-recording Dylan’s Street-Legal.

Zayna Jumma is being released when it’s being released (May 24) because the Group will be doing the Tuareg shuffle all over the UK and Europe in May. Check below for the updated dates, as some TBAs have now been A’d. Oh, and US tourdates are all but imminent.

Zayna Jumma tracklist:

01. Zayna Jumma
02. Ishhadlak Ya Khey
03. Zaya Koum
04. Met-Ha
05. Jaguar Doueh
06. Aziza
07. Ana Lakweri
08. Wazan Doueh

Updated tourdates:

05.11.11 - Manchester, UK - Islington Mill $
05.11.11 - Reading, UK - South Street Arts Centre
05.13.11 - London, UK - The Barbican
05.14.11 - Minehead, UK - All Tomorrow’s Parties (curators: Animal Collective)
05.16.11 - Eastbourne, UK - Winter Gardens *
05.17.11 - Brussels, Belgium - Acienne Belgique
05.18.11 - Nijmegen, Netherlands - Doornroosje
05.19.11 - Aarhus, Denmark - Atlas
05.20.11 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Global
05.21.11 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Nefertiti Jazz Club
05.23.11 - Helsinki, Finland - Korjaamo (Vaunusali)
05.25.11 - Stockholm, Sweden - Södra Bar, Södra Teatern
05.26.11 - Cologne, Germany - Stadtgarten
05.27.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
05.28.11 - Paris, France - Villette Sonique
05.29.11 - Lille, France - Aéronef Club

$ The Brothers Unconnected (Sir Richard and Alan Bishop)
* Animal Collective

• Sublime Frequencies:

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