Group Inerane embark on their first and best European tour

Group Inerane embark on their first and best European tour

The Tuareg people are nomads who inhabit a stretch of desert in northwestern Africa. Their society is matrilineal, so social status is transmitted through women, families generally reside close to the wife’s parents, and women own the family’s livestock. Tuareg men wear an indigo veil that conceals most of the face, and the garment has earned them the nickname of “Blue People,” because indigo pigment tends to stain the skin.

Group Inerane has developed a sound that embodies the mystique of Tuareg history and even slightly channels 60s psychedelia, a sound that the group’s label, Sublime Frequencies, says “rivals both the Magic Band’s early 70s marathon workouts and The Velvet Underground’s drone on tracks like ‘Sister Ray’.” The Wire reports that Group Inerane has a handful of European dates scheduled throughout November and December, and their most recent album, Guitars from Agadez Vol. 3 (TMT Review), will be repressed along with a new 7-inch, which will be sold exclusively on tour.


11.11.11 - Trondheim, Norway - Fri Resonans
11.12.11 - Oslo, Norway - Bla
11.13.11 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Clandestino Institut
11.15.11 - Malmo, Sweden - Inkonst
11.16.11 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Mayhem
11.18.11 - Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kreun
11.19.11 - Krefeld, Germany - Suedbanhnhof
11.20.11 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Worm
11.21.11 - Berlin, Germany - Kreuzberg
11.22.11 - Leipzig, Germany - Nato
11.23.11 - Geneva, Switzerland - Usine-Kab
11.24.11 - Lyon, France - Sonic
11.25.11 - Paris, France - Instants Chavires
11.26.11 - Hasselt, Belgium - Kunstencentruum Belgie
11.27.11 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who
11.29.11 - Bristol, UK - The Croft
11.30.11 - London, UK - Plan B
12.02.11 - Glasgow, UK - Kinning Park Complex
12.03.11 - Leeds, UK - Assembly Rooms
12.04.11 - Minehead, UK - Butlins

• Sublime Frequencies:

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