Gucci Mane preps The Oddfather album for July 28, which is also the day of his sentencing hearing

Gucci Mane preps The Oddfather album for July 28, which is also the day of his sentencing hearing

As the movements of our Lord in heaven are verily opaque to us mere humans here on Earth, so too are those legal troubles of the almighty Guwop God Gucci Mane, otherwise known as the prophet Radric Davis. Yea though we may visit his Wikipedia page many a time, and though we may Google his name repeatedly, we shall arrive no nearer to fully comprehending the variety of illegal shit the all-powerful Gucci Vincent Gigante may or may not have perpetrated, in addition to the variety of albums and mixtapes he has managed to release in such a short period of time. Our feeble human minds are capable of containing only but a few of his works, such as the Felix Brothers collaboration with Young Dolph and PeeWee Longway, or his upcoming collaboration with Chief Keef; all will be be made clear to us in this life.

Sometimes, the Trap moves in mysterious ways, and other times Gucci Mane comes to us via the humble mechanism of Twitter to announce yet another album. This time a solo release entitled The Oddfather produced by C4. The Oddfather will be released on July 28, a date chosen purposefully, as it is the day that the prophet Davis will visit court to be sentenced for his gun possession conviction back in May. It is predicted that Mane will be in jail through 2016, though surely no prison wall will prevent him from astrally projecting into the hearts, minds, and mixtapes of his followers.

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