Guitarist Julia Reidy braces for the release of brace, brace, a curious album full of stylisic whiplash

Guitarist Julia Reidy braces for the release of brace, brace, a curious album full of stylisic whiplash

Full disclosure, so we don’t get accused of nepotism: TMT used to employ a writer named Julia Reidy; but that was before my time, and so I had zero idea that covering a new album would be the equivalent of transferring wads of cash beneath the surface of a delicious spaghetti dinner. (Also, turns out the writer Julia Reidy bears no relation to the professional musician, Julia Reidy; so all complaints from the “playing favorites” perspective are therefore moot and the result of a hilarious coincidence.)

THIS Julia Reidy hails from Sydney, Australia originally, though she’s currently using Berlin as the locale in which she continues to hone her particular style with the 12-string guitar. Kim Myrh and Tony Buck (The Necks) have both been influences, and she’s also had the chance to collaborate with free violinst and fellow Aussie, Jon Rose. That collaboration took place ca. three albums ago, in 2016; and now the composer and improvisor is prepping the next evolution of her previously drone-y, enveloping, and minimalistic sound.

Steve Reich isn’t a totally ridiculous name to bring up when you consider the endurance of the tracks on Reidy’s last solo album, Beholder, but for her newest effort, autotuned vocals might easily draw your attention. The new one is called brace, brace, and it’s out via the Slip label, hm, approximately…RIGHT NOW! Purchase those wonderful colors here and check the video for the track “of neither” below to hear how it all fits:

brace, brace tracklisting:

01. of neither
02. lament
03. draw
04. one way mirror

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