Guitarspotting: Guitar Junkies Get Their Fix at the U.S. Premiere of Rhys Chatham’s “Les 100 guitares”

Sit down. Me and your sister, and your ex-girlfriend Jamie, and your roommate, and that creepy guy who fixes things up around the apartment complex want to have a talk with you. We know you've been going through a lot, but I think it's time we sat down and had a real discussion. Lately, all the music you've been listening to has been so loud, so full of six-strings, so -- rock ‘n’ roll. We're doing this because we love you. This is an intervention. We think you display some of the classic signs of being a GUITARAHOLIC.

That's why we want you to stay as far away from Williamsport, Pennsylvania on Friday, May 23 as possible. The temptation of attending Rhys Chatham's new composition "Les 100 guitares: G100" could just be too much. This is the first time Chatham will be performing any of his guitarcentric compositions in America. The man is dangerous to people in your condition -- he's a classically-trained musician who cut his teeth in the world of 100 guitar pieces in the late 1970s with luminaries like Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, and Glenn Branca. Chatham's latest piece is a reworking of his "Guitar Trio" composition and will be performed alongside Robert Longo's "Pictures for Music," a film that was originally used in some of Chatham's first performances.

And who will be rocking the 100 guitars, you ask? Well, certainly not you. Unless you are a member of the Pennsylvania Uptown Music Collective, Akron/Family, USA is a Monster, Town and Country, Megafaun, San Agustin, or ex-Swans drummer Jonathan Kane. It's certainly no place for you to be at this time. What you need is some time away -- perhaps a high school flute competition would be just what you need

05.23.08 - Williamsport, PA - Community Arts Center

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