A Hawk and a Hacksaw release new album. Also, “A Hack and a Handsaw” is still available as a band name.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw release new album. Also, "A Hack and a Handsaw" is still available as a band name.

Show of hands, please: who here is guilty of ever having spouted out, in one of those bravado-fueled music conversations that we all pretend not to have but always do, something along the lines of “yeah, I really dig NMH’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea for the imagery and all, but what really sets the thing apart for me is those totally innovative and sometimes microtonal arrangements that favor exotic, hexatonal scales and cast a distinctly Eastern European light on Magnum’s inherently occidental folk pop”?

Yuk. Well, first of all, you suck. Second of all, get your pretentious ass into A Hawk and a Hacksaw right away. The duo, which features former NMH band member Jeremy Barnes, is releasing a new album of whirring, droning, gypsy, klesmer, mostly-instrumental, carnival, folk, world music on March 8 via their own label, L.M. Duplication. The new album is (somewhat insistently) titled CERVANTINE and contains all the innovative and interesting Eastern European jams that you know and love, with almost none of those “pedantic pop tropes” that drive you up the ivory wall. Cheers, motherfucker!

CERVANTINE tracklisting:

01. No Rest for the Wicked
02. Mana Thelo Enan Andra
03. Espanola Kolo
05. Uskudar
06. Lajtha Lassu
07. At the Vulturul Negru
08. The Loser [Xeftilis]

• A Hawk and a Hacksaw: http://ahawkandahacksaw.blogspot.com/
• L.M. Duplication: … meh? …

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