Hawks And Hacksaws Set Aside Decades-Long Rivalry, Collaborate For “Winter Animorphs Tour 2007”

Attention campers: are you ready for another glorious day? Well put
your beret on and set up that easel, boys and girls, because this
morning at the Arts & Crafts station you'll be making some
masterpieces! Last year's group made some of the most downright
beautiful things we've ever seen, and I'm sure you're all little
Picassos deep down too! Unfortunately, due to lack of funding (maybe
your parents didn't buy enough brownies at the bake sale?), we won't be
able to provide the glitter or rainbow-colored construction paper. We
also won't have the planks of wood, nor will we have any feathers or

Actually you'll all have to be extra, extra creative this year,
because the only items we were able to get our hands on were [A Hawk
and A Hacksaw->http://www.myspace.com/ahawkandahacksaw]! Only one of each, so we'll all have to put our minds
together and build something truly special! Ohhh, I can hear you
campers already, saying "What could we possibly make with A Hawk and a
Hacksaw?" Why, we counselors could list a million things! For example:

- Saw hawk in half!

- Saw hawk in quarters!

- Squeeze hawk until it shrieks, bounce sound off hacksaw!

- Appear on BBC 2's Culture Show and perform a live set!

- Pluck hawk feathers, glue onto hacksaw, hold up to mouth like a mustache!

- Glue hacksaw onto hawk's forehead, call it a unicorn (but know that
you're telling a fib)!

- Tour the UK and Ireland during December!

Just remember, kids, to be careful, whatever you all decide to
construct while we go skinny-dipping in the lake.

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