Hella kick out all those other jerks, announce new record Tripper

Hella kick out all those other jerks, announce new record Tripper

First, there were two. Then there were a whole bunch of other people. Of course, I’m speaking of noisy duo Hella. When the world last saw drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill and guitarist also-extraordinaire Spencer Seim together, it was 2007, they were hanging out with other folks, and they had put out There’s No 666 in Outer Space (TMT Review). But things change, sometimes by reverting to exactly the way they were before. Seim and Hill have kicked out those other chumps (or perhaps just parted ways amicably) and returned to their prior status as duo/best friends for all time.

To celebrate their new/old status, Hella are planning a new record. On August 30, the band will put out Tripper through Sargent House. Check out the terrifying inflation-centric video for opening track “Headless” here. Or download the song’s Mp3 over here at Sargent House. While you’re at it, also check out “Yubacore” here via Pitchfork. Congratulations! You’ve now heard one-fifth of the new Hella record! Way to do it, friend!

Tripper tracklist:

01. Headless
02. Self Checkout
03. Long Hair
04. Yubacore
05. Netgear
06. Kid Life Crisis
07. On the Record
08. Furthest
09. Psycho Bro
10. Osaka

• Hella: http://hella.bandcamp.com
• Sargent House: http://sargenthouse.com

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