Here it comes, the Death Vessel tour! My oh my, the Death Vessel tour starts todaaaaaay!

Here it comes, the Death Vessel tour! My oh my, the Death Vessel tour starts todaaaaaay!

Forget this internet business, it’s old hat! The new wave of the future, why that’s musical theater. Mark my words, everybody’s going to be trading in their iPhones for Broadway season tickets in five years. (People buy season tickets to Broadway plays, right? I don’t know, I live in Texas.) To stay ahead of the curve, here’s the first-ever Tiny Mix Tapes musical, a work I have titled “Death Vessel Are Going on Tour.” Come, friends, lend an ear:

[Man enters stage right.]

Man: Death Vessel, they’re going on tour! They’re going on tour in the month of March, the month of March, oh yeah!

[Woman enters stage left, coquettishly.]

Woman [softly]: Ohhhhh, Death Vessselllll, they are going on tour! The tour is in Europe, Europe, Europe! If you live in Europe, you are the kind of person that can go! and! see! them!


03.01.11 - London, UK - Old Blue Last
03.02.11 - Hull, UK - The New Adelphi
03.03.11 - Coventry, UK - Taylor Johns
03.04.11 - Bristol, UK - Cube Cinema
03.06.11 - Glasgow, UK - Stereo
03.07.11 - Aberdeen, UK - Lemon Tree
03.08.11 - Edinburgh, UK - Cabaret Voltaire
03.09.11 - Liverpool, UK - Stanley Theatre
03.10.11 - Sowerby Bridge, UK - Puzzle Hall
03.13.11 - Brighton, UK - Prince Albert
03.14.11 - Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute
03.15.11 - Clonakilty, Ireland - De Barras Folk Club
03.16.11 - Dublin, Ireland - Crawdaddy
03.18.11 - Hamburg, Germany - Gruner Jager
03.19.11 - Munster, Germany - Amp Club
03.20.11 - Berlin, Germany - Privatclub
03.21.11 - Dresden, Germany - GrooveStation
03.22.11 - Munchen, Germany - Kranhalle
03.23.11 - Vienna, Austria - Arena

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